July 28 Update

Dear NWPA SPE golfers and supporters,

After careful consideration and much discussion, we are sad to report that the NWPA SPE Golf Outing scheduled for Aug 13, 2020 is canceled.  Whilst we were prepared to wear masks and distance and sanitize for everyone’s health, we found that new outing guidelines along with a daily risk of NY quarantine mandates convinced us otherwise.   

NWPA SPE is committed to providing quality programs for our membership and we feel that under current restrictions this would not have met that criteria.  We look forward to smaller social events in the future, a return to regular programs as soon as possible, and a fabulous 2021 golf outing.  Thank you for your support.

Stay healthy,


July 10 Covid update –

The NWPA SPE Golf Outing is currently still scheduled for Thursday Aug 13, 2020. You will see several new measures in place to provide you with an enjoyable day of golf at the safest levels possible.

PeeknPeak Golf Resort is locate in New York State. New York has placed a travel ban on (currently 22) other states and if you are arriving to the golf outing from one of those states, you are expected to quarantine or to have quarantined for 2 weeks. See link below.

In the event that PA is part of the coronavirus quarantine list on July 31, 2020 (two weeks prior to the golf outing) we may be required to cancel the outing. With a vast majority of the outing volunteers – not to mention our golfers – coming from PA, we would not be able to run the outing from quarantine. Expect to see more notification on or before by July 31. In the event of a cancellation, registration monies would be refunded.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and in constant contact with PeeknPeak regarding the coronavirus issues. NWPA SPE truly appreciates your continued support and patience.